Martin Betz


April 25, 2020

Testing mails in Laravel

The case: Test that users can send mails to other usersImagine a simple social network where users can send emails to other users. We will use Laravel and test driven development to create an app that does exactly this.An user visits the profile of another user and when he clicks on "Message&q…

April 10, 2020

Only allow owner to update their user profile in Laravel with a policy

The problem: Only owners should be allowed to edit their profilesYou have a website that lists the profile of Laravel developersThe profile is just an extension of the User model, so you have extra fieldsFor sake of simplicity, you have only one field in your profile that is the numbers of years yo…

February 28, 2020

How I deploy my Jigsaw blog to Github Pages

I use Tighten's Jigsaw to build this website and blog. I used to host it on Netlify and let it build it as well. But as I make many granular edits and the build taking two 2 minutes, I was looking for a quicker alternative where I just push the output HTML files instead of the source files. Turns…

February 22, 2020

How to write emails

Writing good emails is the key competency in any job in my opinion. Here is my checklist on how to craft good emails and one example.Make it scannable.Lead with your ask.Establish your credibility.Propose next steps.Give a deadline.If asking a question, propose a solution.Write your subject lines…

February 4, 2020

How I manage my todos

To manage my todos, I use a mishmash of Getting Things Done, Bullet Journal and personal likings.I try to capture todos with whatever of these three methods is most convenient at the timePaper: I use squared paper and three symbol types, ᐧ (dot) for a todo, o for a log ("I worked out for 3 min…

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