These posts are about tech – mostly PHP (Laravel), Javascript (VueJS) and CSS (TailwindCSS).

How to use Visual Studio Code for web design

To design web pages, you should really use a good text editor. Microsoft’s open source text editor Visual Studio Code (VSC) is such an editor. Here is how I set it up and which plugins help me...


Generate PDF invoices from Markdown using Pandoc

TL;DR: You can use Pandoc with wkthmltopdf to generate nice-looking PDF invoices from Markdown files. I love simplicity, structure and I like good design. When it comes to invoices or other formal...


Host Jigsaw static content on Netlify

Jigsaw is a very lean static page generator and especially easy to learn for everyone familiar with Laravel and its blade templating language. netlify is a fantastic host for static pages with a...


CSS blur test

TL;DR: To evaluate the hierarchies on your website, use the filter: blur(5px) style on your <body> element. Not everything is equally important on your website: Every...


Quick tools with VueJS

I used to write down the total number of tasks in a row in Excel and add a row for my done tasks. I would add a ratio row and do the math to see my progress. That setup is flexible and worked pretty...