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January 9, 2017

Generate PDF invoices from Markdown using Pandoc

TL;DR: You can use Pandoc with wkthmltopdf to generate nice-looking PDF invoices from Markdown files.The contextI love simplicity, structure and I like good design. When it comes to invoices or other formal documents that you need to generate as a freelancer (such as status reports or fact sheets),…

April 27, 2020

Premium Laravel courses and books

There are many premium paid video courses (📺) and books (📘) for Laravel.I also list content that is not released yet (🚧).The list is sorted alphabetically:📺 Build A Chatbot📘 Build an API with Laravel 📺 Confident Laravel📺, 🚧 Eloquent Performance Patterns📺, 🚧 In Depth Laravel📺 Laravel Core Adventures…

February 25, 2018

Quick tool generation with VueJS, Tailwind CSS and LocalStorage

Before: Tools with ExcelI used to write down the total number of tasks in a row in Excel and add a row for my done tasks. I would add a ratio row and do the math to see my progress.That setup is flexible and worked pretty well, but it looked boring. Well, just like an Excel sheet looks like.I need…

December 27, 2019

Simple user roles in Laravel

If you do only have roles for your users – such as admin, contributor and user – and you want to restrict access to routes only, advanced (and excellent) packages may be too heavy for you.Let me show you how to solve this authorization problem very easily.Your user model needs an extra field to sto…

June 28, 2020

Quick setup Laravel (with Tailwind scaffold)

I often install a fresh Laravel app to test a new package or replicate the setup for a tutorial. This is the fastest way to get a vanilla Laravel with Auth and Tailwind. The first step is only required if you have not installed the Laravel installer before ($ means that you have to enter that to yo…

July 8, 2020

How to use AlpineJS with Laravel Mix

This is another thing I do over and over and tend to forget how to properly do it: How can I use AlpineJS with Laravel Mix?AlpineJS is a great lightweight library to sprinkle some interactivity into your website. I struggled a lot in the past with the question: "Do I really need to learn VueJS…

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