Jan 31, 2020

Distraction-free emailing with Mailmate on Mac

Email can eat up all your attention or can be a power tool to purposefully connect with your world. Setting a timebox is my tactic. I only read and answer mails in this slot. During the day I still want to send and find emails though, but I want to avoid seeing new emails that might derail me from my initial plan. Having a sensitive setup will help you with not getting disturbed by email during your day.

I use Mailmate, a powerfull customizable client. Here are my tipps for using it mindfully:

  • Disable autosync for all your accounts so you decide when new email flows in
    • Right-click on sources
    • Synchronize schedule > Manual
  • Go offline completely so certainly no new mails come in
    • Select all sources
    • Take offline
    • When you craft and send an email when being offline, it will just be sent when you go online again
  • Select an empty folder before quitting the application
    • Mailmate will open with the last selected folder
    • I created a search folder that never returns a result with the criteria: From > contains > RANDOMLONGSTRING
    • I named this folder 🙂
  • Disable all counters
    • Select all folder > Right-click > Count > None
    • Select all sources > Right-click > Count > None
  • If you wait for a email – like a 2-factor auth code – that you need to receive outside of your mail time, set a specific search with “from” or “subject” and refresh the specific mailbox/source only

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