Jan 22, 2021

No new project without project template

I have a propensity to come up with new project ideas, get really excited about them – and never make them reality. That is why I have taken on a new habit: Whenever I have an idea and start getting excited, I first have to fill out my project template.

It consists of a few questions that ask about my motivation, expectations and planned time that I want to (and can) spend on the project:

  • Why do I want to do this? What sparked my interest?
  • What are my expectations about the upsides and downsides of the project?
  • What should not happen at all if I happen to pick up the project?
  • What would make me stop it instantly?
  • How much time can I really dedicate to this project (taking into account my other obligations and hobbies)?
  • When and how can I reevaluate whether my expectations are being met?

More often than not, after filling out the template, I will come to the conclusion that my excitement is just temporary and that the (expected) downsides outweigh the expected upsides.

Categories: Productivity