Feb 4, 2020

How I manage my todos

To manage my todos, I use a mishmash of Getting Things Done, Bullet Journal and personal likings.

  • I try to capture todos with whatever of these three methods is most convenient at the time
    • Paper: I use squared paper and three symbol types, (dot) for a todo, o for a log ("I worked out for 3 minutes" and - for a thought
    • Audio: I use a Zoom H1 voice recorder to capture stuff in situations where I do not want to write
    • Todoist: If on the computer, I save all todos directly in Todoist's Inbox
  • At the end of every day I transfer todos from paper and audio to Todoist
  • On paper I mark the transferred items with a > and shred the paper once I transferred all items
  • In Todoist is use projects with emoji names
  • I move all todos into the respective project
  • I keep it simple and work on projects and prioritize within them by sorting the todos manually
  • Seldomly I use labels: I have labels for lengths, such as _5, _25 and _50 and also labels for context, such as _email and _call that I sometimes use to prioritize

Categories: Productivity