I have been shaping digital solutions for organizations from eCommerce over education to B2B since 2001. Currently, I am Head of Product at Visable. I am a structured, coaching, and holistic product executive and leader; find out more about my product leadership DNA.

I write articles about the three p's of product management: Product, people and process. And I offer free coaching for product managers. In the past, I also wrote technical posts. This is what I am doing right now. And these are the (handful of) books I recommend you to read.

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I create single-purpose tools:

A countdown timer for timeboxed sessions where you add the intention of the session:

An app to quickly capture thoughts to a text file:

P.S.: Yes, I use AI tools like Claude 3 as writing companion.
However, when I finally publish something, it's all my words, and I mean all.