I am Martin. I am the CEO of Code+Design Initiative – a non-profit which runs hackathons to get young people into tech.

I also have been offering my services as a freelancer for over 15 years: I help my clients to define and reach their digital goals.

I write articles and create products.

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Working on your own terms has side effects very few people talk about. SoloHeroes is a service to help solopreneurs make most out of every single workday.


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How to use Visual Studio Code for web design

To design web pages, you should really use a good text editor. Microsoft’s open source text editor Visual Studio Code (VSC) is such an editor. Here is how I set it up and which plugins help me...


Generate PDF invoices from Markdown using Pandoc

TL;DR: You can use Pandoc with wkthmltopdf to generate nice-looking PDF invoices from Markdown files. I love simplicity, structure and I like good design. When it comes to invoices or other formal...