How to do 1-on-1s (so that both profit from it)

One on ones are short, regular meetings between a manager and her direct. Here are the few things you need in each and every instance of it so both sides profit from it:

A more in depth 1:1 could contain one or many of the following topics:

Here is an example for the minimum quality one-on-one:

# 21-09-04 1-1 Martin and Michael

## Agenda

- Michael: Discuss AB test on new feature and decide on roll-out
- Michael: Discuss input from customer support and what to do with it
- Martin: Agree on next steps for development plan for Michael

## Decision Log

- ✅ Decision: Michael will roll out asap as AB test shows 1.5% uplift on main KPI
- ✅ Decision: Collect all customer suppport feedback centrally and discuss in all-hands
- ✅ Todo: Michael answers the self-evaluation sheet for product managers

## Action Items

- @Michael: Prepare research for next quarter
- @Martin: Clarify decision-making process with management

And finally a Markdown template that you can just copy to prepare your 1:1

# YY-MM-DD 1-1 Person1 <> Person 2

## Agenda

### Recurring
- Catching up
- How’s life?
- Follow up on action items from last 1:1
- Concerns / Issues
- Getting advice on how to handle
- Feedback
- Observations about work-style preferences
- Career Development
- What we’d both like to learn in our current roles
- Takeaways / Next Steps

### One time topics
- Person1: Topic in full sentence 

## Decision Log

- ✅ Decision: 

## Action Items

- @Person1 will do this till then

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