How to stay enthusiastic at work

  1. πŸ“ Put non-urgent but important tasks on your daily list – and do them first .
  2. 🌱 Reserve time to work on your growth.
  3. 🚫 Say "No!" to meeting requests (that don't align with your priorities) and offer an alternative.
  4. πŸŽ‰ Save time to do nice things at work (e.g. play a game, sit on the terrace, read a book).
  5. πŸŒ… Build habits to start and end the day with intention (instead of just stopping).
  6. πŸš€ Run initiatives beyond your role description.
  7. πŸ’– Do a random favor to a random coworker.
  8. 🍲 Bring home-made food for you and invite random other coworker from the office to join.
  9. πŸ“š Take time to read things beyond your daily work.
  10. πŸ’‘ Interact with thought leaders or inspiring peopleβ€”and be inspiring yourself.
  11. ✍️ Save time to write about your learnings.
  12. πŸ“€ Share interesting articles with people within and beyond your company.
  13. β˜•οΈ Ask coworkers for a virtual coffee.
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