How to write emails

Writing good emails is the key competency in any job in my opinion.
Here is my checklist on how to craft good emails and one example.

Here's an example. Lines starting with # are comments.

# Headline type subject
Title: Cooperation on article on crafting emails?

Dear Peter,

# Lead with the ask 
do you want to cooperate with me on an article on
writing good emails?

# Establish credibility 
I have been writing 10+ high-ranking articles
on crafting emails in magazines such as GQ (link) and Harper's
Bazaar (link) and got hundreds of positive responses from readers.
I think that your magazine could profit from my expertise.

# Propose next steps 
If you give me your "okay" for considering the
idea, I can send you an outline within 4 working days.

# Give a **deadline**
Could you please send me a "yes" or "no" by next
Monday, 02, Month, Year so we both can move forward?

Best Martin
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