Product Leadership Bookshelf

A good book raises more questions than it answers. Read these handful of books to get stellar questions for your product management & leadership, writing, career and AI/ML.

Product Management in Practice
Paints the most realistic picture of the demanding product management role. Product Management in Practice

Scaling people
How to structure the "people" part of product management and help your people grow. (Link) Scaling People

Product Leadership
Raises enough questions to grow during your entire product leadership career. Product Leadership

Smart Brevity
Helps you write to be read. Smart Brevity

The Squiggly Career
Nudges you to rethink what your career can be. Smart Brevity

You Look Like A Thing
Shows with humor that AI does not take over control. Smart Brevity

The Lean Marketplace
Covers all pitfalls that make your (B2B) marketplace fail. Lean Marketplace

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