Product Manager Leveling Framework

As a product organization, you need to know what you expect from your product managers. And you need transparency regarding what makes a good product manager at every experience level.

Why this format?

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The leveling

Area Skill Junior Regular Senior Lead
Summary Starts their product career. Continues their product career. Has proven their skills continuously Excels with skills
Completes small initiatives. Completes medium-sized initiatives. Completes large-sized initiatives. Completes XL-sized initiatives.
Communicating initiatives appropriately. Communicating initiatives appropriately. Drives above-average outcome in team Drives stellar outcome in group
Collaborates with immediate peers. Collaborates with peers within product group. Influences initiatives in product group Influences full organization initiatives
Gets close assistance from experienced product manager Leads a team on their own with trust. Support other PMs Fully engages in strategy
No strategic work A little strategy influence Medium strategic influence Mentors/leads other PMs
Scope Team Team Group Group
Insights Quantitative insights Measures team progress using existing dashboards and ready-made solutions like Hotjar.  Monitors team progress with fully owned dashboards. Uses GA and database to perform analysis.  Excels and improves and is an expert in product group insights. Can independently analyze data in own domain.   Drives group insights and is an expert on company-level insights.
Qualitative insights Collects and summarizes what is known about their users. Creates and uses own insights about their users occasionally. Uses insights frequently and as a basis for product decisions.  Drives insights-based and is an expert on company-level insights
Market insights Keeps track of competitors' offers, related to own features. Expert on competitors in our market and performs benchmarks Reports on market trends. Finds new opportunities in markets
Solution Design Outcome driven Defines OKR outcome of team with the help of manager. Drives OKR outcome of the team on their own. Creates above-average OKR outcomes with the team. Creates top OKR outcomes for the group and beyond.
Problem-solving Defines problems and possible solutions with help of manager. Defines problems and possible solutions on their own. Picks the right problems and solutions. Identifies problems and solutions beyond own team.
Prioritization skills Prioritizes initiatives with help of manager. Prioritizes initiatives on their own. Influences group initiatives. Shapes group initiatives with HoP
Execution Ship solutions fast Ships small initiatives fast to learn and adapt. Ships medium-sized initiatives fast to learn and adapt. Ships big initiatives fast to learn and adapt. Ships big cross-team initiatives fast to learn and adapt.
Performance ownership Understands performance on feature-level Understand product performance in own product group Understand total product performance Understand business performance on company level
Project management skills Supports the team to coordinate tasks and people in team. Empowers the team to finish selected tasks. Manages initiatives beyond own team. Drives initiatives within and between groups.
Leadership Collaboration Collaborates with team members and manager. Occassionally collaborates with related teams. Regularly collaborates with teams across the company. Regularly drives collaboration across the company.
Communication and stakeholder management Communicates plans and results with manager. Communicates plans and results with related teams. Proactively communicates and shapes stakeholder management Supports group's teams with difficult stakeholder and communication setups.
Leadership Builds trust of team members with execution of initiatives. Leads team with data and prioritization. Leads cross-product-team initiatives with data and trust. Leads cross-organization initiatives with trust and data.
Vision and strategy Understands product vision and makes product decisions based on OKRs Prioritizes product vision and build strategy in all OKR initiatives. Advances product vision and strategy beyond own team. Shapes strategy and influences product vision for the group 
Core values Can name the values of Visable. Lives values in team Lives values in group Drives values in group
Growth mindset Works on improvement for either insights, solution design or execution area. Works on improvement of leadership and 1 of insights, solutions, execution Works on improvement of leadership and 1 of insights, solutions, execution Works on improvement of org-level leadership
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