Summary - You Look Like A Thing And I Love You

This is my favorite book on AI so far. Concise, funny, realistic. Every PM should read it to understand what (and what not) AI can do in the next years in product. You should read "You Look Like a Thing and I Love You" by Janelle Shane.

And here's my summary, chapter by chapter.

Introduction: AI is everywhere

Chapter 1: What is AI?

Chapter 2: AI is everywhere, but where is it exactly?

Chapter 3: How does it actually learn?

Chapter 4: It’s trying!

Chapter 5: What are you really asking for?

Chapter 6: Hacking the Matrix, or AI finds a way

Chapter 7: Unfortunate shortcuts

Chapter 8: Is an AI brain like a human brain?

Chapter 9: Human bots (where can you not expect to see AI?)

Chapter 10: A human-AI partnership

Conclusion: Life among our artificial friends

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