My Product Lead Test

I have a very clear idea how I want to work as a product leader with organizations.
Focused, structured, and empower smart individuals and are the 3 main themes for me.

For any potential collaboration, I want to make sure we get to as many "yes" as possible.

  1. Do you talk to users at least once per week?
  2. Do you have expectations of what product leaders are and are not responsible for?
  3. Do you have a product vision that gets updated at least every quarter?
  4. Do you have a refined and repeatable process to align and commit on goals?
  5. Do you have a single actionable metric to guide product development?
  6. Do you have guidelines on how decisions are being made?
  7. Do you enforce standards for meetings?
  8. Do you have a coaching concept and budget for product leaders?
  9. Do you have a leveling and growth concept for product managers?
  10. Do you enforce a policy that guarantees a healthy work/life balance for your employees?

Please add a "documented" to every question because only then it is an explicit sustainable practice.

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