Use PowerPoint with voice-over for async communication

PowerPoint can be used for efficient async communication. You can paste in a piece of information (such as a wiki post or a graph) and add context by recording a voice-over. You can replace meetings with this and make information accessible to more people (instead of telling every single one separately).

PowerPoint Async

Here's how to do it in a way that makes the document easy to digest and maintain:


PowerPoint is everywhere: One of the main reasons to include PowerPoint in your arsenal of async communication tools is that it is a tool that is already familiar to many people and installed on most business computers. This means that there is less of a learning curve and people are more likely to be comfortable using it.

Cater for different styles: People have different favorite types of communication, such as reading, hearing, and seeing. By using PowerPoint's speak-over feature, you can combine multiple ways of communication and increase how much people engage with it.


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