Feb 28, 2020

How I deploy my Jigsaw blog to Github Pages

I won't update this article. It might be outdated.

I used Tighten's Jigsaw to build this website and blog (Update: 20-11-29: I switched to Statamic with the blog…). I used to host it on Netlify and let it build it as well. But as I make many granular edits and the build taking two 2 minutes, I was looking for a quicker alternative where I just push the output HTML files instead of the source files. Turns out that Github Pages is what I looked for.

Since I had some problems setting it up, here is my final working solution:

  • For every now post, I create a feature branch, say add-article-jigsaw-github-pages-deployment
  • When done, I go to master and merge: gcm && gm add-article-jigsaw-github-pages-deployment (using zsh aliases)
  • Then I check out a running branch called gh-pages. I do not want the changes to the HTML in my master, so I just save them here
  • In gh-pages I first rebase to put the output HTML commits ahead of master: grbm
  • If rebasing causes trouble, I just force delete the gh-pages branch (gb -D gh-pages) and create it afresh (its only purpose is to keep my master branch clean by not versioning the production output files)
  • Then I run Jigsaw: npm run production
  • Next I create a bump commit with date and running number: ga . && gcmsg "Bump: 200128-001"
  • Then I force push just the subdirectory build_production with the following command to my github remote repo:
git push github `git subtree split --prefix build_production`:gh-pages --force

- I also have an alias for that in my `~/.zshrc`: `ghpmb` (where mb stands for martinbetz)
- That's it!

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